Troubleshoot petition problems

If you have trouble signing the petition because someone else has done so on the same computer, there are several solutions:

1. (The simplest) – Above the blue box where it says “Thank you! You signed at 12:34 PM PDT, Jun 15, 2007” and beside the green “sign petition!” you may see in small blue letters: “Not John Doe? [the previous signer’s name] log out“. Then a new person can sign.

2. Use a different browser – i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari – if you have it installed on your computer.

3. Delete the cookies in your browser. In Internet Explorer 6 for example it’s in Tools > Internet Options > General > “Delete Cookies” button halfway down the page. (That would sign you out of anything you’ve signed into, however, and you may not want to do it – no website would recognize you and you might be hunting for long-forgotten passwords at Amazon or whatever, if your browser remembers passwords. Cookies aren’t all bad, despite how many people feel about them.) In Firefox it’s in Tools > Clear private data, or for more control: Tools > Options.

Some people have had problems leaving a comment when they sign the petition. We really do want to encourage comments as they add a lot of weight to your signature. We can delete a signature if necessary, but we aren’t sure if you can then log off, log on again, and sign it again with a comment. If you need to do something like this, .