Next Public Meeting July 5

~ ~ ~
The Mayor and a group of citizens of Mahone Bay
invite you to a
JULY 5 at 7 pm,
at the Legion Hall, Pond St., Mahone Bay.
Facilitator: Muriel Agnes

Purpose: To engage the citizens of Mahone Bay in exploring strategies that meet the challenges we face while protecting the old school land.
• Celebrate The Beauty Around Us
• Understanding The Town’s Challenges
• Share Your Thoughts About Options For The Town
• Discuss Ideas for Citizen Involvement in Planning the Town’s Future

We are looking for alternative locations for seniors housing and affordable housing while keeping valuable assets like the soccer field and the woods. We can retain the character of Mahone Bay while developing housing in scale with the town. The town needs to attract economic development with new creative strategies. Share your constructive thoughts at this public meeting. Come and be a part of finding solutions for the Town’s growth.