1. Read and sign our online petition.
  2. Attend the public meeting on July 5th at the Legion.
  3. Attend Town Council meetings.

    Town Council meets every second week. They meet next on June 26th. Your attendance shows you care. Get yourself on the agenda to voice your concern.

  4. Talk about the issue with your neighbours and friends. Keep discussion going. There is no “done deal” at this point.
  5. Write letters! See sidebar.

    The Minister of the Environment, Mr. Parent, is a progressive person on environmental issues. Do write to him.
    It is also very appropriate to write the Minister of Health Promotion in connection with the need for opportunities for children to get exercise and the value of the soccer field.

  6. Join our mailing list and keep updated about this issue.
    Send a message to woodsandfield@holmpage.com.