Lots of constructive ideas

“I’ve heard more ideas tonight than I’ve heard in a long time,” observed a resident at the public meeting held yesterday, July 5th, which was organized by a group of concerned citizens (the folks behind this website) and Mayor Joe Feeney, and attended by about 200 people. The purpose of the meeting was to give residents an opportunity to share ideas about options for the town and also to discuss ways that citizens could be better involved in planning the town’s future.

Town councillors expressed frustration in getting people involved in the past, while citizens identified some barriers to participation, and presented many positive ideas for the town’s development while preserving the best of what we have.

We have compiled the minutes of the meeting and are working on getting the handouts that some presenters had prepared. Feel free to comment here on the meeting. This issue has woken up the community in an exciting way that bodes well for the town’s future.

Record of the meeting [printable PDF]

Click on “Citizen Presentations” in the menu for some of the individual presentations that were made.