Youden asked for new proposal!

Town Council was presented on June 3rd with 300 letters with the following requests: no sale or development of the Old School Lands without a decision by the electorate, full disclosure for any potential development of all costs and benefits for town and taxpayers, and community participation in planning for any future development. The Mayor at that time said that Council would respond on June 26th.

At the June 26th meeting of Council, the following motion was passed unanimously with no discussion;

Whereas the proposed conceptual plan for the development of the old
school lands has resulted in a number of issues of concern to the
public, and whereas some members of the public have requested that the
development be delayed until various issues are addressed, and whereas
the present town council is committed to promoting new housing
opportunities for young families and seniors as one part of the
sustainable development plan of the town, be it resolved that Town
Council request Mr. Youden to consider re-submitting a new conceptual
plan that responds to the issues that have been raised, and be it
further resolved that any sale of or development of the old school lands
be delayed until revised concept plans are available and a public
presentation is held as part of the public consultation process.

This wording of the motion was obtained from a member of the press who received it in a press package at the council meeting. There has been no reply from Town Hall to this writer’s request 5 days ago for the wording of the motion.

If you wish to share your response to Council’s decison with others on this circulation list, send your responses to and I will collate and distribute them to the list anonymously. It’s good to know what others are thinking.

And, if you wish to contact the Mayor or Councillors, here are the numbers:
Mayor Joe Feeney 624-8133
Deputy Mayor John Bain 624-1265
Coucillor Cathie Slauenwhite-Nowe 624-8723
Councillor Lila O’Connor 624-9293
Councillor Virginia Uhlman 624-9363
Councillor David Hennigar 624-8559
Councillor Karl Nauss 624-1232