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Background Information

We maintain an e-archive of documents outlining the background issues surrounding the Old School Lands and our efforts to save them. The archive includes Council minutes, PAC minutes, land use by laws, the S.O.S. sign, the Kinburn Development and the UARB Hearing.

Save the Woods and Soccer Field!

The Mahone Bay Town Council announced on May 17, 2007 that it has accepted a concept proposal for a $24 million development of a 16 acre property owned by the Town. A number of citizens and taxpayers of the Town of Mahone Bay have concerns about the development. There is a strong belief that this development will change the character of this Nova Scotian treasure forever.

Blossoms on the path through the woodsThe property, located on either side of a small valley in the first rise of low hills behind Mahone Bay’s waterfront on West Main Street, is a part of the old school property and consists of a soccer field, an old borrow pit, some wetlands and some forest. The soccer field is a ‘village green’ in addition to being a very fine field where some 100 people of all ages play soccer. Most are young and the majority from the areas that surround Mahone Bay. The woods behind the soccer field are a quiet and beautiful place enjoyed by a number of residents for strolls, walking their dogs, bike riding and cross-country skiing. The property lies at the heart of a spacious residential neighbourhood. If the proposed development goes ahead, none of its key features can or will be saved.

The Town of Mahone Bay is suffering from a shrinking and aging population and wants to reverse this trend by making affordable housing available for seniors and young families. Over the next 5 – 7 years a developer will provide the following types of affordable housing using this land: 96 one and two bedroom seniors’ apartments; 30 assisted living apartments for seniors; 36 two and three bedroom apartments for the general population; an indoor swimming pool; 36 duplex homes; 32 single family homes.

If you want more and detailed information about the development, please see the detailed factual description on “The Proposed Development”.

Please read and sign our petition.

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